As a marketing strategy that combines various marketing methods and tools to achieve maximum effectiveness in reaching customers, D.A.T Group is committed to bringing sustainable development to businesses and helping customers build a strong brand in the market through comprehensive and effective marketing solutions.

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Unique and impressive images that strongly embody a brand are essential in conveying a message to customers. D.A.T Group is proud to be able to assist in shaping and directing unique images and videos that carry a distinct message and resonate with potential customers.

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Branding is an important part of promoting a company’s image, helping customers easily recognize the brand in the market. D.A.T Group commits in partnership to build explosive and unique strategies, overcome weaknesses to create a highlight for the business in the market and leave a mark in the minds of customers.

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Creativity is the strongest foundation for building attractive communication ideas. D.A.T Group is confident in creating innovations that provide diverse values and transform ideas into characters, images, articles, videos, and more that reach target customers.

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PR articles help increase awareness, create interest among potential customers, and establish their trust. By publishing articles in reputable media outlets, businesses can reach a wider audience and assert their credibility, leading to increased revenue, partnerships, and other business opportunities.
With professionalism and extensive experience, D.A.T is confident in helping your company build its brand image, establish credibility, and effectively manage its reputation through a system of reputable media outlets.

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Booking KOLs and community pages

With a large system of KOLs/KOCS both domestically and internationally across various industries and many years of experience in community management and collaboration, D.A.T Group is confident in supporting the spread of communication messages and brand image to many customers in order to bring long-term values and benefits to the brand.

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With optimization advertising services, D.A.T Group restructures campaigns to achieve maximum performance, leveraging advanced analytics and personalized strategies to support your brand’s online success that cannot be matched.

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Like sowing seeds, the seeding service distributes comments to a group of potential customers with the goal of creating awareness, building trust and generating interest, to create a good ripple effect and spread through user sharing. D.A.T Group is committed to providing effective Seeding strategies to partners, helping to increase interaction and brand recognition on social networks, spreading and increasing the ability to reach target customers.

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As a marketing strategy focused on building and maintaining relationships with customers through media channels, through data analysis and providing personalized experiences. Therefore, D.A.T Group provides a variety of CRM solutions to help businesses enhance interaction with customers to build sustainable relationships with customers, improve service quality, and contribute to sustainable development of businesses.

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Analyzing end-user behavior helps improve the experience by providing personalized suggestions and content based on their preferences and interests. The experience helps businesses identify market trends, better understand consumer behavior, and provide information for marketing strategies and product development. D.A.T is confident that it can support partners in analyzing and capturing end-user behavior, bringing the most clear and accurate effectiveness to bring sustainable value to the business.

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