– Review the overall status of all official channels.
– Analyze the specific strengths and weak- nesses of each channel.
– Optimize information on the channel to increase search efficiency on platforms.
– Develop an effective and compatible budget allocation plan with the business’s development direction and objectives.
Identify and analyze the demographics, interests, and behaviors of the target cus- tomer on each platform.
– Research the market and collect and select a list of keywords that achieve a high conversion rate that is suitable for the business’s product/service.

– Creative unique ideas that capture the customers’ psychology.
– Produce a series of SEO standard advertising posts.
– Design eye-o image sets that are compatible with the golden ratio of each platform.
– Build a set of SEM standard titles and descriptions that closely follow customer search behavior.
– Collect and select videos that are suitable for the business’s products/services and keep up with cur- rent trends.
– Set up and continuously optimize advertising campaigns on various platforms including Face- book, Google, TikTok.

– Continuously updating and exchanging up-to-date progress.
– Synthesizing and reporting periodic results.
– End-of-campaign reporting and effectiveness evaluation.
– Forecasting the next phase based on actual data.

Scope of work


Advertising budget
under 20 milion Vietnam Dong


Advertising budget
from 20 milion to 50 minilion Vietnam Dong


Advertising budget
above 50 milion Vietnam Dong

Evaluate and optimize official channels All official channels All official channels All official channels
Detailed budget allocation plan for each platform < 3 plans < 3 plans unlimited
Target customer analysis and segmentation 3-4 TA groups 3-4 TA groups unlimited
Analyze and collect related keywords to the product/service < 12 keywords < 20 keywords unlimited
Create and produce advertising posts (content + images) < 7 posts < 10 posts unlimited
Build a SEM standard title and description set 5 sets of titles 10 sets of titles unlimited
Collect and control video quality (no production) 5 videos 15 videos unlimited
Setup and optimize Facebook advertising campaigns < 5 campaigns < 10 campaigns unlimited
Setup and optimize Google advertising campaigns < 3 campaigns < 5 campaigns unlimited
Continuous support from staff 1 specialist 1 main specialist
1 assistant specialist
1 main specialist
1 assistant specialist
Weekend support Monday to Saturday Monday – Sunday morning Monday – Sunday morning
Regular result reporting 1 Report 2 Report 4 Report
End-of-campaign reporting and evaluation of advertising campaign effectiveness Monthly Monthly Monthly

1-month price




3-month price

6.999.999đ x 3

11.999.999đ x 3


  • This is a basic price list – please contact us for a more suitable quote for your business.
  • Advertising budget will be transferred in advance and using the company’s card.
  • Not including VAT and platform fees.