– Analyze and evaluate the potential develop- ment of the company’s media.
– Research the market and target customer segments
– Analyze the main competitors
– Develop a comprehensive and reasonable marketing plan for the company in the current stage.

– Propose the most optimal product package devel opment and service deployment options for the company.
– Develop and propose detailed content plan, compatible with each platform and suitable for each stage of campaign implementation.
– Allocate the budget optimally for each advertising platform and deployment stage.
– Establish and arrange the main communication channels of the on various platforms: Face- book, Zalo, Instagram, etc.
– Create ideas to attract and capture the attention of target customers.
– Produce and control a series unique content based on proposed ideas compatible with each channel and platform.

– Research the company’s sales activities and scope in the current stage
– Analyze and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the company’s sales activities.
– Propose potential plans and develop cost-effective sales programs.
– Develop strategies and train the most effec – tive sales scenarios, catching up with custom – er shopping behavior
– Implement sales programs according to the proposed strategy and scenario
– Manage and control the quality, regularly measure the effectiveness of sales activities.

– Develop and propose new programs and policies for each target audience to attract customers.
– Establish diverse closed groups for customer groups
– Actively exchange and collect more members to join the group.
– Arrange customer care channels in various forms: Telemarketing, Zalo group, membership card, point accumulation, etc.
– Orient and build after-sales and promotion pro- grams for customers familiar with the company
– Build and arrange a modern, convenient and us- er-friendly point accumulation and exchange system.

– Continuously update and exchange up-to-date progress.
– Synthesize and report periodic results.
– Summarize the final report on effectiveness.
– Develop the most optimal budget allocation plan for the next stage based on actual data.

Scope of work


under 40 milion Vietnam Dong


Advertising budget
from 40 milion to 100 milion Vietnam Dong


Advertising budget
above 100 milion Vietnam Dong


Analysis of the potential development of the company’s media 1 general analysis 1 general analysis 1 general analysis
Market research and competitor analysis 1 research report 1 research report Unlimited
Analysis and evaluation of target customer groups 2 research report 2 research report Unlimited
Propose a direction for developing product packages and implementing services, sales programs, etc. < 5 main products < 8 main products Unlimited
Propose a content plan compatible with each platform and deployment phase 1 plan 1 plan Unlimited
Plan optimal budget allocation for each platform and deployment phase 1 plan 1 plan Unlimited
Establish main media channels on various platforms < 2 channels < 4 channels Unlimited
Create and produce content compatible with each channel and platform < 15 posts < 15 posts Unlimited
Launch multiple advertising campaigns according to each budget and stage. Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited


Researching and analyzing the current activities and sales scope of the business 1 general analysis 1 general analysis 1 general analysis
Analyzing and proposing potential sales programs and plans < 2 options < 3 options Unlimited
Building and training the most effective sales scenarios and keeping up with customer shopping behavior < 2 scripts < 5 scripts Unlimited
Implementing sales programs according to the scenarios Continually Continually Continually
Monitoring, controlling the quality and measuring sales activities Continually Continually Continually


Proposal and development of new programs and policies for each customer group. < 2 options < 3 options Unlimited
Establishment of closed groups and special events for specific customer groups. < 3 groups per channel < 5 groups per channel Unlimited
Arrangement of various customer care channels such as Tele marketing, Zalo group, etc. Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Direction and development of loyalty andpromotional programs for loyal customers. < 2 options < 3 options Unlimited
Building a modern point accumulation/ exchange system and optimizing user experience. Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Continuous implementation of customer consultation, care and exploitation activities through multiple channels. Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

1-month price




3-month price

34.999.999đ x 3

41.999.999đ x 3


  • This is a basic price list – please contact us for a more suitable quote for your business.
  • Advertising budget will be transferred in advance and using the company’s card.
  • Not including VAT and platform fees.